“If you try to imagine a world without glass, you realize what a huge loss it would be, both in practical and aesthetic terms.”  – Tony Cragg, 2021

Fondazione Berengo in collaboration with FAI is proud to present a new exhibition by the English artist Tony Cragg: LE FORME DEL VETRO (The Shapes of Glass). Held in the historic Negozio Olivetti in Piazza San Marco in Venice, the space is considered one of the masterpieces of 20th century architecture designed by the Italian icon Carlo Scarpa. 

Material has always been an essential element for the English sculptor. In 1982 and 1987 Cragg participated in Documenta Kassel, and later in 1988 he represented England at the Venice Biennale. That same year he received the Turner Prize, something that consolidated his place as one of Britain’s most influential sculptors. When he first began moving towards glass Cragg found his way to Murano where he began working in collaboration with Berengo Studio. 

Today the artist is a long-standing friend and collaborator of the Studio, he is also one of the artists who debuted new works in the very first edition of Glasstress back in 2009. Ever since the English artist has continued to be an essential contributor and pioneer in the world of sculpture, and we’ve had the pleasure of featuring his work in glass in numerous editions of Glasstress over the years, from his experimentations in formal blocks to form glass towers and bridges to organic hand blown glass forms. For this latest exhibition a selection of Cragg’s personal collection is on display along with a special work in black glass made by the artist as an homage to Scarpa and the space. 



Tony Cragg

Curated by Cristina Beltrami and Jean Blanchaert

Negozio Olivetti


🎟 Price included within the entry fee for the Negozio Olivetti. 




Images courtesy of Francesco Allegretto.