In an innovative new project Berengo Studio is proud to partner with the St. Regis Hotel in Venice to bring Murano glass back to the heart of the ancient city. The cultural partnership sees selected works from Fondazione Berengo and Berengo Studio placed in dialogue with the common areas and private rooms of the newly renovated hotel. Flanked by the Grand Canal, St. Regis has stood for over a century and a half watching Venice and its evolution. In the year 2019, Berengo Studio celebrates its thirtieth anniversary and is proud to launch a partnership with such a historic institution at this important time.

Jaume Plensa's Duna

Jaume Plensa, Duna, 2018 – Photo Robin Greene

Tony Cragg's Tower at hotel St Regis Venice

Tony Cragg, Tower, 2017 – Photo Robin Greene

The variety of the artworks on display is a testament to the innovative practice of contemporary artists from around the world using glass. Karen LaMonte’s stunning “Reclining Nocturne”, a cast glass figure made up from swathes of fabric wrapped around an invisible body, welcomes guests in the entrance hall. Tony Cragg’s captivating “Bridge” of ice-like glass cubes lounges in the bar. Jaume Plensa’s mesmerising triptych of glass heads, each with a different message to give sit on library shelves. Marta Klonowska’s spiked glass shards assemble to form the animated body of a colourful fish in a corridor, caught in motion as if it has leapt straight from the grand canal. Vik Muniz’s giant-sized Venetian goblets sit in shrouded corners. Shirazeh Houshiary’s spiral of golden glass reinvents the image of the yellow-brick road as a “Flicker”: a form that twists upwards. Each artwork is reinvigorated and enriched by its new setting, just as the spaces within the hotel are enriched and reinvigorated thanks to the presence of the new artworks.

Tony Cragg's The Bridge at Hotel St Regis Venice

Tony Cragg, The Bridge, 2018 – Photo Robin Greene

Jaume Plensa's Awilda at Hotel St Regis Venice

Jaume Plensa, Awilda, 2015 – Photo Robin Greene

Art at the St Regis brings a dynamic new audience to Berengo’s revolutionary glass masterpieces and a fresh look at artworks produced by local artisans in collaboration with internationally renown artists. In-keeping with Berengo’s mission it creates the perfect setting in which to present bold new artworks in an ancient medium revitalized for the 21st century. Art infiltrates the entire setting of the hotel, a stunning showcase of the versatility, beauty and skill of contemporary art made in glass.